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Yar Yi Lifting Column YA-L92

         Yar Yi's YA-L series lifting columns are specifically designed for ergonomic desks and workstations. Using multiple YA-L series lifting columns compatible with Yar Yi control boxes and YA-S series control handles, it is possible to synchronize movements and to smoothly and smoothly control the work surface. All YA-K series control boxes have a backup battery option of less than 0.1W. Our extensive columns provide customers with the solutions they need to meet their work environment project requirements. YA-L92 has a two-stage telescopic outer tube.

       General Features:
      1. Maximum load: 800N in push
      2. Maximum speed at full load: 38mm/s (with 800N in a push condition)
      3. Minimum installation dimension: 560mm
      4. Stroke: 650mm
      5. Highest height: 1210mm
      6. Dimension of outer tube (L*W): 70*70mm
      7. Two stage outer tube with rectangular appearance
      8. Color: Silver gray
      9. Operational temperature range: -25°C~+45°C
     10. Higher duty cycle (25%),
     11. With narrow top and wide bottom configuration
      Standard Technical Sheet: