Single-acting Hydraulic Station YA20-200
Single-acting Hydraulic Station YA20-200

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Single-acting Hydraulic Station YA20-00

     The hydraulic station has overcurrent, overload, overheat protection, and two-way self-locking of the hydraulic cylinder. Domestic independent patents, stable performance and high integration, hydraulic station, oil cylinder, self-locking mechanism, pressure relief valve, reversing valve are highly integrated, no other hydraulic components are needed, and it can be used when connected to the power supply. The installation size and cylinder stroke can be customized according to customers, and the minimum order is 10 sets.



       1. Solenoid valve

       2. Solenoid valve mounting seat

       3. Fuel Tank: Volume 200 ml

       4. valve body

       5. Oil outlet

      6. Fueling port

      7. Pressure regulating plug

      8. Electric machinery