24V DC Electrical Linear Actuator for Medical Device

24V DC Electrical Linear Actuator for Medical Device


1. Small motor linear actuator with ACME screws, built-in Micro switch and an internal diode,

2. Can automatically stop and enables the change of direction by simply reversing the applied voltage polarity.

3. Stroke length can be customized. Switches are not made to be adjustable.

4. Inversely proportional to the speed and power.

Technical Parameters

Input:                                  12V/24V/36V/48VDC
Load Capacity:                   8000N
Speed:                              5-40mm/s
Stroke:                                50~1000mm(option)
Min installation Dimension: SL=105mm+S
Limited Switches:                inner
Operation temperature:     -40°C  to +65°C
Protection class:                 IP 54
Type of duty:                     10% S2-18min
Control mode:                     wired,wireless
Covering color:                   Silvery white
Application :                        Furniture, Industry

Size formula
Installation size = stroke S +175 (± 2)
Installation Dimension Calculating Description:
For example: stroke 200mm,
Installation size = 200mm +175 mm = 375mm (± 2)
Extending maximum size 505MM (± 2)