24V DC Lifting column for medical bed 350mm Stroke

24V DC Lifting column for medical bed 350mm Stroke


24V DC Lifting column for workbench 350mm Stroke

Technical Parameters

Input:                                  12V/24V/36V/48VDC
Load Capacity:                   8000N
Speed:                              5-40mm/s
Stroke:                                50~1000mm(option)
Min installation Dimension: SL=170mm+S
Limited Switches:                inner
Operation temperature:     -40°C  to +65°C
Protection class:                 IP 54
Type of duty:                     10% S2-18min
Control mode:                     wired,wireless
Covering color:                   Silvery black
Application :                        Furniture, Industry

Size formula
Installation size = stroke S +170 (± 2)
Installation Dimension Calculating Description:
For example: stroke 200mm,
Installation size = 200mm +170 mm = 370mm (± 23)
Extending maximum size 570MM (± 2)