Linear Actuator applications

Linear Actuator applications

Linear Actuator applications
Yaryi Linear actuators are devices that can operate, produce and deliver a progressive oscillatory or un-directional short stroke motion. The force developed by electromagnetism in the actuator produces a motion. Actuators move things using motion control products at home and are able to simplify work and access.

TV Stands

TV lifts that are programmable and are controlled by remote involve a short stroke of linear actuators. This aims at simplifying life and makes you live comfortably every day.

Window Openers

According to linear actuators shop, actuators provide highly effective options and offer both electric and manual window opening. It gives accessibility to places where it is hard to reach windows, such as casement windows.

Security Systems

Through short strokes produced by the electromagnetic field in actuators, rotary motion is able to turn CCTV cameras and radars used in homes for security purposes.

Electric Convertible Beds

Beds are fitted with a unique motor system that provides high force on the bed. This gives a wide range of conditions and accessories for the bed user.

Door Openers

When installed, automatic doors for various places such as toilets and bathrooms with actuators help simplify work and safety in houses. The doors are fitted with actuators and are able to lock automatically. This also helps people access their homes on smart phones for safety.

Kitchen Cabinets

With actuators fitted in them, kitchen cabinets have more storage and ease of access is possible by use of these actuators. Actuators are fitted in them to ensure easy movement of the drawers and to simplify work.

Adjustable Seats

Reclination in seats is a pure product of actuators. Such seats give comfort to people who use them. Actuators here are used to enhance movement and change of position to suit the user.

Storage Wracks

This is used especially in kitchens for storage of working tools and utensils. Here more compartments are made using actuators which enhances proper space ratio in relation to amount stored.

Height Adjustable Tables

Through motion produced by linear actuators, working tables are formed which are height adjustable to suit various functions such as drawing tables, dining tables and kitchen tables.

 Lifting Equipment

Actuators are helpful with automation for disabled people. In wheel chairs and climbers, linear actuators find extensive use and are very important for the disabled community.

Patience is a trait required by any farmer. In addition to taking care of animals, planning and execution and business organization are skills one ought to have. Constant production is possible only with healthy animals and nominal loses which amounts to enhanced orderliness. So what do bring to your farm?


Decrease loss of animal feed

Currently, farming is very competitive and in order to survive the competition you have to cut down on costs. Electric linear actuators serve a vital function in the dirt-covered environment where grain is handled.

They’re installed on elevators and diverters for precision control of feeds and efficient waste management. During livestock feeding, actuators assist the farmer to automate the process and regulate rations.